List of Best Fascinating mini projects on electronics for engineering students.


mini projects on electronics

Best mini projects on electronics for engineering students.

Here, we’ve published a listing of best mini projects on electronics for engineering students. These are mainly helpful for II and III year engineering students of ECE and branches.

This list includes the projects from different categories like microcontroller, robotics, electrical, DTMF, GSM, RFID, solar energy , etc.

This list gives a basic idea about the thanks to choose and what kind of projects that we may choose in final year engineering. So, if you’re interested, you’ll check this list of ideas.

Tech Geek brings you the foremost innovative list of well compiled ece mini projects for electronics and electrical students with circuit diagram. Get mini projects for ece and students with circuit diagram for your study and research.

We research and provide innovative mini projects topics for ece and research. Implement these top most innovative mini projects ideas for electronics and EE .

Here are the List of mini projects on electronics for engineering students

Intelligent approach to video transmission over 2.4 GHz wireless technology :

This paper researches a replacement method for the transmission of MPEG video over a 2.4 GHZ network using MATLAB. It implements neural-fuzzy controller and a rule-based fuzzy controller within the planning .

Results show that this method improves the data loss and improves the image quality.

Street light circuit 

This minor mini  is used to style a street light that brightens up when night falls and automatically turns OFF when daylight comes in.

so on detect the number of sunshine that’s needed to form a choice when to cut-off the circuit and later activate it,

This is completed with the help of a sensor called Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). 

The foremost principle used behind the LDR is that the presence of sunshine causes the resistance of the sensor to travel low.

you’ll modify the circuit by placing LEDs instead of the 230-volt lamp. 

to know more about it, inspect the comments given within the circuit. The circuit is comparatively easy to style , and further modifications are often made according to your choice.

Automatic Mobile Recharge Station

The simple because of recharge a mobile at any time and anywhere is an automatic mobile charger.

In this, if the person wants to recharge his mobile during a brief time, he must enter the number & his mobile need to connect using the cord then the user will get the equivalent amount of that specific amount during a moment during a text message form on his mobile display. this sort of recharge is extremely useful for illiterate persons because it doesn’t require any bank, ATM details.

Anti Sleep Alarm

Anti sleeps alarms are two types where the first type is used within the car in conjunction with the sensors, camera to figure out the fatigue of a driver & solve the matter consequently,

whereas the second type is connected within the ear of the drive to awaken him once the drive falls asleep. Alarm systems within the car are the foremost recently developed feature.

Low Power Inverter

Here could also be an easy low power inverter that converts 12V DC into 230-250V AC. It are often used to power light loads like window chargers, night lamps, or simply provides a shock to remain the intruders away.

Automatic Off Timer For CD Players

This automatic off timer starts functioning once you narrow your bedroom light and switch your CD player ‘off’ after a predetermined time.

within the presence of ambient light, or once you switch on light of the space within the morning,

the CD player will restart playing. Unlike the quality timers, you don’t got to set this timer before sleeping.

Automated Railway Crossing:

Persistence of Vision:

Air Flow Detector Circuit

This simple mini  is used to style an indicator to means the speed of air flow during a given space. The air flow is sensed with the help of an incandescent bulb filament.

The variations because of the change of resistance within the bulb because of the air flow are given to the input of an LM339 operational amplifier.

The circuit diagram and a much better description of the circuit are given within the post above. Further modifications are often delivered to the circuit and a couple of of them are given within the comments section.

Ultrasonic Radar mini Projects

We encounter situations where we’d wish to stay a watch prohibited areas to avoid trespassing.

Now keeping human labour for this purpose is dear and also not reliable for keeping a watch an area 24×7. So for this purpose an ultrasonic radar project for unauthorized human / animal or object detection system.

The system can monitor an area of limited range and alerts authorities with a buzzer as an alarm. For this purpose we use a microcontroller circuit that’s connected to an ultrasonic sensor mounted on a servo motor for monitoring.

Wireless Electronic bulletin board using GSM: mini Projects

This wireless electronic bulletin board using GSM Technology and microcontroller circuit is used to display the data on LCD whatever we sent from the mobile.

Remote Industrial Security System: mini Projects

A wireless based industrial security system is supposed here. The system is based on GSM  and thus the most component could also be a microcontroller. 

the foremost reason for choosing GSM because the mode for is that the range of GSM is extremely large and should send and receive signals or messages from any remote place. 

variety of the sensors utilized during this technique are proximity, light, gas and smoke sensors

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