Top Fascinating Autonomous Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

Fascinating Autonomous for Students 

Autonomous Robotics Projects

What’s an Autonomous Robot?

From the word Autonomous Robot itself we mean having the liberty to control itself or control its own affairs.

Autonomous Robots certainly are those which may act independently without the interference of an user. These robots are always considered a breakthrough for the automation within the field of robotics. 

most significantly these robots take their own decisions which make them different from the user oriented ones. Autonomous will assist you brush up your knowledge on the self driven projects.

Collision Resilient Navigation for Aerial Robots in Confined Environments

This research aims to reinforce the navigation abilities of aerial robots in confined/narrow environments by enabling them to stably establish contact with surfaces of their environment.

More specifically, a Micro Aerial Vehicle are going to be enhanced with specialized mechanisms for physical interaction software framework for control in confined spaces by exploiting contact. Force feedback at the top effectors will facilitate stable and sustainable physical interaction.

This research direction plans to transform how flying robots navigate through narrow environments like ore-passes or manholes.

Simple Programmable

This is just an easy robot arm made out of readily available materials and instruments,

  •  like micro servos,
  • cardboard, and hot glue
  • , designed for beginners.


It can record and play five positions using potentiometers and buttons. (But you’ll add as many as you want).

Probability | Autonomous Rover

The chassis of the Probability rover is formed from the Bogie Runt Rover from Servo City and that i followed a tutorial to place in together.

The set comes with the entire set of motors and chassis but doesn’t accompany the electronics.

AMRs for Logistics

While the capabilities of AMRs still advance, the foremost basic and widely used application for these machines is for material transport.

AMRs can transport orders across a warehouse or through a shipping facility countless times each day , in unbroken cycles.

Transport may be a labor-intensive job and utilizing robots for these tasks is one among the simplest ways to release human workers for more important jobs without disrupting workflows.

Object Detection and Classification in Thermal Vision

In a large sort of degraded visual environments, robotic classification of objects of interests becomes particularly hard thanks to the impaired sensor data.

Especially within the case of darkness and obscurants, classical color spectrum cameras and associated techniques are rendered ineffective.

The goal of this is to research the potential of using thermal vision camera data for the needs of object detection and classification.

Thermal vision is unaffected by darkness and may penetrate certain sorts of obscurants therefore offering a viable alternative.

The envisioned research relates to the associated machine learning methods for top accuracy results on thermal vision.

It involves both the steps of knowledge annotation, alongside neural network design and training.

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