Mechanical engineering Mini Projects ideas for all Mechanical students


Mechanical engineering Mini Projects ideas

Mechanical Mini Projects for all Mechanical students 2019-2020, mechanical projects topics and concepts for study and research, Mechanical and Automobile Projects, Best Mechanical projects for 2018. Best Mechanical topics for fabrication and auto, aeronautical projects.

Animatronic Hand: Mechanical project

Animatronics is that the technology through which we will achieve human like motions with the machines.

These devices can mimic human like actions and may be wont to perform specific set of commercial actions.

Through this mechanical mini project, you’ll be building an animatronics hand that’s controlled with servo motors.

The animatronics hand gets input from the  supported the info collected by the flux sensors attached to the glove of the wearer.

CNC Machine using Arduino: mechanical engineer projects

Machining is required to manufacture almost everything that we use today.

All the components are manufactured by various machines, but CNC machine especially is that the most generally used one of all.

Through this mechanical mini project you’ll build a totally functional 3 axis CNC machine which will perform the actions like drilling, milling, tooling etc. you’ll be using an board to regulate the operations of the machine and perform specific set of machining actions.

Doing this mechanical mini project will assist you understand the machining process thorough and develop a far better understanding on the whole process.

Engine Over Heat Alarm : mechanical engineer projects

This project is developed for the users to display the warmth of the engine and to supply over heat alarm.

It mainly consists of a petroleum engine and parts. The petrol engine consists of a cylinder and piston arrangement, carburetor, petrol tank and coil . A heat sensor is connected with the engine.

The sensor senses the warmth and sends signal to a micro controller. The micro controller analyses the signal and sends signal to the LCD display.

The display displays the temperature of the engine.If the warmth exceeds a specific limit, the micro controller sends signal to a buzzer through driver unit.

Thus the user can identify the status of the engine and may cut the engine. This prevents the engine from unnecessary burning.

Since micro controller is employed , the operations are very sensitive. Since LCD display is employed , the user can know the right temperature of the engine.

Hydrogen Powered Vehicle : mechanical engineer projects

Hydrogen powered vehicles aren’t an idea anymore. There are sizable amount of vehicles running on hydrogen fuel.On burning hydrogen we get water,so this is often a totally eco-friendly fuel for vehicles.

The main parts of Hydrogen Powered Car are

  • Fuel Tank
  •  cell Stack
  • Battery Pack
  • motor 

Hovercraft Working Model

Interested in designing a hovercraft as your project ? If so we are here to guide you in doing the fundamentals . the planning we’ve implemented here is that the one which may be powered by one or more engines.

Air Engine

All automobile engines consume the petroleum fuel. Considering the demand of fuel and price of fuel, other resources of energy is required to work the vehicle.

So that, other sort of energy like electrical power , solar energy etc. it’s going to be noted that the air energy is quickly available with freed from cost. So consider that air engine during this project.


The foot dust cleaning brush arrangement is placed under the foot rest. The foot rest is mounted on the bottom frame such how that a person stands thereon the foot rest will go down for the load to a little distance.

Mechanical Engineering

Below the foot rest a limit switch is placed. When an individual stand on the foot rest, the foot rest goes down and presses the limit switch and therefore the corresponding signal is shipped to the motor and it’s switched ON.

The motor shaft is including the comb arrangement with help of belt and pulley. When the motor runs the comb arrangement also rotates to wash the dust under the foot with the assistance of belt drive.

When the person on the foot rest gets down the limit switch is released and therefore the signal sent is cut and cut the motor.

With the assistance of limit switch the motor is turned ON and OFF which helps to save lots of power. Depends upon the motor speed the dust are often removed cleanly.

can make model or prototype or do some computational projects (if you’ve got sufficient computational knowledge).

Some of the Mechanical Engineer Projects title are as follow:

  • Thermal & Fluid project-
  • Design of warmth Exchanger
  • Numerical Analysis of turbine Material
  • CFD of turbine blades
  • Efficiency improvement of engines
  • Compressed Air car
  • Bio-Gas Powered Vehicle

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