Android projects for final year computer engineering students

android projects

Android projects for final year computer engineering students

Android Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Android projects for final year :Android is an OS that’s supported the Linux kernel. It runs on touch screen panel-based smartphones. it’s an open-source system wherein the users are allowed to form their own applications. the foremost important advantage of Android is that it allows for optimum use of memory and hardware resources on the mobile platform. 

one of the most uses of smartphones are often on top of things applications. A user-defined application are often developed. because the Android application framework provides APIs (Application programming interface) it allows for wireless connectivity with Bluetooth devices.

The Android application are often used to send control signals through Bluetooth communication mode. Here is that the list of android project ideas for engineering students.

Best Android Projects Ideas for Engineering Students
Android may be a Linux based OS . Primarily it’s designed for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

We are all alright known that Android has third party applications, which may be acquired by users either through an app store like Google Play, Amazon App.store, etc. or by downloading and installing the appliance from a third-party site.

The Play Store application allows users to browse, download and update apps published by Google and third-party developers. It became very comfortable for the users and also they’re showing lot of interest to use the devices supported android applications.

1. Android Controlled Robot

As you’ll guess by the name, this is often a phone-controlled robot that you simply can control using an app on your Android device. The robot’s circuit includes an ultrasonic transceiver module HC-SR04, UNO board (BOARD1), Bluetooth module JY MCU BT, DC motors M1 and M2, motor driver L293D (IC1), and other standard parts wont to build such systems. Two 9V batteries power the circuit – while one powers the board, the opposite powers the motors. you’ll control the robot using different commands which will be sent through the Bluetooth.

The two core features of the robot are:

  • You can control the robot via touch or voice commands. Its speed are often controlled also .
  • It can sense the presence of an obstacle, calculate its approximate distance, and inform the user about an equivalent on their Android phone. Also, it can send information regarding the direction of the obstacle.

2. Aadhar card-based Android Application for Patient Monitoring System

India may be a densely populated country. With the rapid increase within the number of diseases and thanks to various natural calamities in past years, an outsized number of individuals are admitted into hospitals. In such scenarios, it becomes difficult for the medical authorities to equally divide their attention among the patients. This project is meant with an aim to form the method more efficient and arranged .

Here a mobile application is meant which continuously monitors patients’ vital parameters and alerts the authorities with an alarm, whenever the values raise certain set threshold values. The patient’s health status are going to be updated within the database of the appliance .

Thus, the doctor can diagnose the patient with none inquiries and in less time. because the Aadhar number is exclusive to everyone, it’s possible to access the medical record of any personnel, which is useful for treatment in emergency conditions.

3.Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control by Using Android

Application: A PIC microcontroller based appliance system using Android is meant here. a mixture of embedded system technology and Android mobile technology is employed in developing this project. the method unit consists of microcontroller, Bluetooth receiver, LCD and dimmer circuit. The control unit consists of an Android based smart phone with corresponding application.

4.Android Bluetooth-based Chatting App

One of the simplest ideas to start out experimenting you hands-on Android projects for college kids is functioning on Android based chatting app. Bluetooth technology is superb for facilitating wireless communication at low-costs. Today, every Android device has Bluetooth integrated into it for wireless communication. during this project, you’ll leverage Android’s open-source API to create a Bluetooth-based chatting application which will establish a connection between smartphones via Bluetooth to facilitate the exchange of messages between the devices.

While designing this project, you’ll got to pair the Bluetooth-enabled devices before using the Bluetooth communication portal for security reasons. All the connected devices will then be shared with an RFCOMM channel for data transmission. The Bluetooth communication process will incorporate Query Bluetooth. to urge the Bluetooth Activity, you’ll use a Bluetooth Adapter, and to get the Bluetooth connection intent, you’ll use the onActivityResult () method.

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5.Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Android Platform:

Vehicles violating traffic rules must be charges with fines. Recognizing the vehicle number within the complex traffic conditions is difficult. An Android phone platform based automatic number plate recognition system is proposed. A GUI for capturing the image by the built-in camera is meant . The captured image is processed to urge the optical characters. The built-in GPS module are often wont to geo-tag the pictures .

6.Smartcard based Android Application for conveyance Ticketing System:

The demand for public transportation is increasing with the expansion within the population. An android application for open-end credit based conveyance ticketing system is developed here.  open-end credit is an existing technology with many uses. it’s harnessed into an Android application for straightforward ticketing of conveyance system.

7.Android Controlled Smart Wheelchair for Disabled

In this project, the movements of the wheelchair are controlled using an Android application rather than the joystick. The wheelchair also has motion detectors and ECG detectors which activate the alarm if the heartbeat of the personnel is below the edge levels. This wheelchair is lower in cost than the prevailing models and more flexible to work . The biometric sensors added to the wheelchair are very useful for critical patients.

8. Android-based Function Generator

Did you recognize that you simply can use Android smartphones as signal generators for performing routine and everyday tasks?

One of the simplest ideas to start out experimenting you hands-on Android projects for college kids is functioning on Android based Function Generator. This Android-based function generator features an output range of audio signals around 20Hz-20,000Hz emitted through the audio port of mobile phones (usually, 3.5mm audio jack). The functions available on the Android-based function generator include sinewave, square-wave, triangular-wave, and sawtooth-wave, all within the 20Hz to twenty ,000Hz range. to check the signals generated by this function generator, you’ll use a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) and Windows PC-based CRO software (Zelscope).

You can amplify the signals using an amplifier if you would like to interface the function generator with other external devices. However, you want to make sure that you employ an appropriate protection circuit to avoid damaging your mobile device.

9.Implementation of Android Voice Recognition for Smart Home Application Using Bluetooth: 

during this project, an Android voice recognition for smart home application using Bluetooth is developed. it’s an ARM based system which controls the house appliances by voice commands. The system converts the received voice commands into text and transmits through Bluetooth. The ARM system, which receives the text, performs the specified operation like controlling the relays.

Android based Emergency Alarm and Healthcare Management System: The aim of this project is to implement an Android based healthcare management system and emergency alarm. The system uses the GSM and GPS technologies that are inbuilt any Android based phone. When the user is in trouble, the system sends a notification along side the present location to the emergency contacts. Necessary rescue operations can then be performed

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10.Design and Development of Energy Measurement System supported the Android Platform:

A microcontroller based system for energy measurement and monitoring is developed. An Android application is developed for measurement of power and monitor the energy consumption and send that information to an Android device. Energy is monitored by a microcontroller based system and therefore the data is transmitted by GSM module. the buyer uses the Android application to look at the info and control power usage accordingly.
Machine Learning Approach to Android Malware Detection: the newest trends in mobile platform developments has enabled in execution of complex software in several fields like banking. there’s also an increase in peril for malware that targets the mobile devices. during this article, a machine learning approach for detection of malware on Android devices is proposed.


This project involves the creation of a hovercraft which will be controlled via an Android application. The Android app sends commands to the hovercraft circuit for moving the device. The circuit comprises a Bluetooth receiver that receives and processes the commands. The commands received by the Bluetooth receiver are further processed by the microcontroller, which dictates the ultimate movement of the hovercraft.

The hovercraft you’ll design would require high RPM motors interfaced with an AVR family microcontroller to realize the specified functionality. There are three motors involved within the design of this hovercraft. The motor situated below the hovercraft rotates at a really high RPM, thereby imparting thereto enough force so it can hover above the surface level.

The friction remains at a minimum. A motor propeller is mounted behind the hovercraft to permit it to maneuver within the forward direction. The servo motor attached to the hovercraft rudder helps it to maneuver in every direction by bending the air at accurate angles.

Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords using Color and pictures by Android

Many people often use text-based passwords for the safety of the info stored in their mobiles. However, the utilization of text-based passwords is susceptible to dictionary attacks and eavesdropping. This project is proposed to develop high security by implementing passwords as colors and pictures .

12.Smart Phone Controlled Robot Using ATmega328 Microcontroller:

An ATmega328 microcontroller based robot is meant which is controlled by a sensible phone. The robot also consists of Bluetooth module, ultrasonic sensor and motor driver. An Android application is made and installed on a mobile. The GUI based application are often wont to control the robot wirelessly over Bluetooth communication.

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