Top 10 interesting Projects for ECE( electronics engineering)

ece projects
Top 10 interesting Projects for ECE

ECE Projects for Engineering Students

Nowadays electronics play an important role on the world and that we all know that it’s become a neighborhood of our lifestyle . ECE Projects .So, many of us are showing tons of interest in concepts.

Even the scholars also are showing tons of interest in ECE and EEE branches in Engineering for a far better future. Especially the demand for the ECE branch is increasing at a rapid rate. The branch ECE refers to electronics and communication engineering.

ECE ideas for electronics engineering

This stream is that the topmost branch in engineering. There are many opportunities for college kids who join this stream. Every engineering student must complete their work to urge their degree certificate. they need various options in choosing their project. for his  purpose, the list of ECE projects for engineering students in various categories is listed below.

ECE ideas for electronics engineering students mainly involve in various categories like embedded, communication, solar, general electronics, etc.

Advanced Automatic Self-Car Parking using Arduino

Advanced Automatic Self-Car Parking using Arduino Project

Car parking may be a major problem in urban areas in both developed and developing countries. Following the rapid increase of car ownership, many cities are lacking car parking areas. This imbalance is partially thanks to ineffective land use planning and miscalculations of space requirements during first stage of designing .

Shortage of parking lot , high parking tariffs, and traffic jam thanks to visitors in look for a parking place are only a couple of problems samples of everyday parking.

Parallel parking is typically a driver’s worst nightmare because, it not only requires the driver’s skills but also increases the likelihood of other drivers bumping into their parked vehicle.

Autonomous car parking was introduced to encounter the above car parking problems, hence Nevon projects has developed a complicated automatic car parking system that permits a car to park itself.

This self-parking car consists of Arduino board, obstacle sensor which detects the objects ahead and back of the vehicle, ultra-sonic range finder to detect the parking distance, LCD module to display various information of the program, Motor driver to drive a DC gear motor and a servo Motor to regulate steering.

It also uses path finding algorithm.

Garbage Collection Robot Using Wireless Communication Technology

Garbage Collection Robot Using Wireless Communication Technology

Today, world is facing major garbage crisis- the merchandise of rapid economic process , overcrowding, poor urban planning, corrosive corruption, and political dysfunction. this is often mainly thanks to the rapid increase in population also as physical resources. this tried and tested strategies of garbage collection are proved ineffective. and therefore the world nowadays is watching smarter ways for overcoming the rubbish assortment problem.

This presents the rubbish Collector robot for footpath using Arduino microcontroller. The robot is made on a metallic base, which is powered by A battery of 12V.

The robot is meant to gather Garbage from a footpath, public places (parks, schools, and colleges), mostly cemented paths and beach. The robot can’t be used on muddy surfaces.

The robot is made in such how that, when it’s powered ON, it’ll advance the trail defined within the program. When it encounters any obstacle, counting on the conditions applied within the program the robot proceeds with further motion then the robot picks up the rubbish .

Raspberry Pi based Weather Reporting Over IOT based ECE Projects

This system are often wont to monitor and update weather over the web . The system monitors 3 parameters namely temperature, humidity and rainfall these values are then displayed on LCD and also updated over the IoT gecko.

By readings, the user can get a good idea of the weather of a specific area on the monitor. this technique proves to be useful for knowing the weather of the localized area. The system is powered by Raspberry Pi it includes a raindrop sensor, a temperature sensor, LCD and a buzzer.

After turning the system on, the system gets connected to the web site by using WIFI. The system keeps track of three parameters like temperature, humidity, and rain. because the weather changes the system to watch and updates the status over the IOT when the world is dry it shows zero value. When the system detects raindrop, it shows the worth of the rise in rainfall. When the temperature increases the worth gets updated.

The user can observe the weather status of a specific area from any remote location.

DTMF Robot based ECE Projects

Have you ever hear the keypad sounds of your old phones not of today’s age but the old one(like Nokia 3310).If you observe the sound very closely .You will find that the sound by pressing different keypad is different not same .Because they need different frequencies.Base on this our robot works .

The main component of this robot is DTMF module . DTMF stands for Dual Tone – Multi Frequency and it’s the idea for your phone system . Phone is technically a DTMF generator that produces DTMF tones as you press the buttons.

You can control the movements of the robot by pressing the buttons on the keypad.You can also make it wireless communication by connecting one phone with DTMF module and calling it and pressing the according buttons.

Quad copter based ECE Projects

Quad copter based ECE Projects

Have you seen 3 idiots its the the drone that rancho makes therein movie.You can also make it.It increasese your knowledge of various fields like aerodynamics,Electronic Speed Controller ,types of batteries,frame designing and lots of more different problems that you simply face during the projects.

Listing the essential stuff that you simply got to build quad-copter. This list is endless you’ll add any number of things to complement it with features .

I am only listing the common stuff that everybody use:-

  • Frame.
  • Battery.
  • Brushless Motors.
  • Propellers.
  • Arduino Micro-controller.
  • Electronic Speed Controller.
  • Gyroscopic sensor.
  • Sum basic electronics components.

Home Automation

I recommend everyone to form two versions of your home automation system.This will expand your knowledge.

This Version is using Bluetooth module .It uses Bluetooth as a communication device between appliances and therefore the user.

This home automation system basically takes the user input from user mobile through an android app.APP send the signals to Bluetooth module which is given to the micro-controller(Arduino) .According to the signals received. Arduino gives the output to a relay module which switches the the state of appliances connected to relay ON/OFF.The only limitation of this is often that the range of Bluetooth is restricted maximum it’s around 30 meters.

Following are the the components utilized in this project:-

  • Arduino Uno .
  • HC-05/HC-06 Bluetooth Module .
  • Relay Module.
  • Android App(can be made using MIT App Inventor).
  • Basic components.

Bio-metrics based ECE Projects

Bio-metrics based ECE Projects

The biometric fingerprint identification system projects are among the advanced Electronics projects. it’s a complicated security system and it’s applicable for banks, offices, homes, and other important places.

  1. Biometric Fingerprint Identification Based Security System
    Please ask this link to understand more about the fingerprint identification
  2. Biometric Fingerprint Identification based Access system
    Please ask this link to understand more about access system using fingerprint
  3. Biometric Fingerprint Identification based Bank Locker Security System  is employed to supply security for bank lockers using biometric fingerprint technology.

This security system project uses fingerprint, RFID, GSM & password. during this project, the user has got to enroll his personal details sort of a person’s name, cipher & his mobile number, then the user will place his finger on the fingerprint module in order that fingerprint are often scanned also as stored along side the fingerprint ID.

Monitoring of your time and Attendance with Fingerprint Biometric Solution

This biometric project is employed to watch staff attendance also as time. By using this project we will eliminate buddy punching, prevent time theft, increase profits, employment are often monitored remotely, increase the productivity, precision, and satisfaction of employment .

High-level Authentication for an influence Plant using Voice Recognition

This project is employed for high-level authentication of an influence plant through voice recognition. This project is employed for security purposes in power plants.

IVRS based Home Automation with Immediate Voice Feedback
This project is employed to implement a home automation system using IVRS and voice feedback immediately. This project is employed to regulate household devices like TV, fan, tube lights from anywhere within the globe,

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