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projects on embedded systems

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projects on embedded systems : Embedded projects will assist you solve the issues around you, get to understand about the technologies getting used during this fast growing society, increase your affection towards electronics & technology.

An embedded system may be a computing system with a fanatical function within a bigger  or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints. it’s embedded as a part of an entire device often including hardware and parts. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today. Ninety-eight percent of all microprocessors are manufactured as components of embedded systems.

A number of emerging technologies like AI , Internet of Things – IoT, Mechatronics (Industrial Robotics), Virtual & Augmented Reality etc are supported Embedded Systems. With such quite contributions to the newest technologies, there’s little question that embedded systems goes to emerge as an enormous player within the market in coming years.

Top projects on embedded systems

Being an student, you would like to know the embedded systems from core to remain updated with the newest technologies and this may be possible only you begin learning the concepts by building good embedded projects.

Embedded may be a vast branch there are project associated with several fields so you would like to settle on the sector you would like to figure on, few examples are given below:

1. Water Level Controller using Microcontroller: projects on embedded systems

This project monitors the water level of the tank and automatically switches on the pump motor when ever tank is empty. The motor is transitioned automatically when container or overhead tank is full. the most principle utilized in this project is “water conducts electricity”.

During this project water level of the overhead tank is indicated on a 16*2 LCD. during this system a group of 4 wires which are placed at different water levels are often wont to sense the water levels. supported the outputs of those wires controller displays the water level also as controls the pump motor. For more information about this project, click here.

2. Propeller LED Display: projects for embedded systems

Propeller display may be a linear array of LEDs, rotating at high angular velocity to get a circular screen.

This “illusion” is predicated on inertia of human eye. during this project we rotates a group of LEDs for displaying characters, numbers and symbols during a rotating manner, that’s the rationale to call the system as a propeller LED display. The rotating light emitting diode display are often disc shaped or cylindrical shaped.

Cylindrical displays are capable of displaying digits and text. Disc-shaped displays are wont to display analog clock. Propeller LED display may be a mechanically scanned device that displays characters during a digital format. Propeller display are utilized in digital and analog clocks, also wont to display the messages.

3. Wireless detector Robot: Embedded projects

In this project we develop a robot, which may sense the metals before it on its path. during this project robot is controlled wirelessly using RF technology.

detector is interfaced to robot that alerts the user when there’s a suspected land mines metal ahead. At transmitter end 4 push buttons are wont to control the movement of the robot. for every push a separate command is shipped to the receiver to regulate robot directions.

If any suspected metal is detected, then robot stops there and provides the buzzer. Get more information about this project within the post – detector Robot.

4. Self-Driven Car Model : projects on embedded systems

After building alittle steering car with an honest steering system , it’s the time to embed an intelligent driver system in it. employing a camera you’ll take pictures of the road curvature to work out the direction and magnitude of steering action required to stay the car on target (in an equivalent lane).

Recond these data manually, then take the image to your local PC and train a neural network model to form predictions. the ultimate model might be deployed on the raspberry pi board mounted on the car.

This project will offer you a really good experience in machine learning, robotics, embedded systems, and control. it’s going to take a short time to understand these foundational topics and fine-tune the system to urge reliable results. But beat all, it’s a completely amazing project to do!

Check out this instance self-driven car project

5. Magnetic Levitator :projects for embedded systems

It’s a stimulating project to create actually , where you’ve got to watch and control carefully the magnetic flux strength. You’ll need a hall effect sensor for that and perhaps another components.

And there are many possibilities after getting this technique to figure you’ll build alittle model for a floating train or something like that. It’s quite interesting and fun project on behalf of me . if it’s an equivalent for you, then you’ll consider building it.

projects on embedded systems – maglev train

6. Robotic player

I consider this a really educative and technically intensive project. you’ll learn tons down the road while designing and building this project. And here is why! It combines construction with an embedded system and AI altogether. The Ai algorithm will decide the move, then the embedded system will move the part.

The motion could also be through with pick & place arm or by magnetic drag (and I prefer magnetic motion, it’ll appear as if the one in harry potter movie!).

It’ll take a while to implement the Ai algorithm and obtain the parts to work precisely and accurately. But at the top of the project, it’ll be something to be pleased with you’ll add any innovative ideas you’ve got .

Maybe backlight on the chessboard to point the place to maneuver to. Maybe create slightly wireless screen, the user touches the place on the screen and therefore the chess parts will start moving correspondingly, it’ll be magical and satisfying to seem at XD!

projects on embedded systems

7. Touch Piano Synthesizer

A couple of years ago, i used to be performing on an identical project like this one. An sound system that wasn’t an equivalent , but let me offer you a thought about this amazing project.

In the end, the top product may be a piano, just like the electronic ones you see in stores. But this piano works by touch, a capacitive touch panel. It’s getting to be pretty weird to play on, but a touch of practice, you’ll love it a lot!

In this project, you’ll learn tons about direct digital synthesis and musical sound synthesis employing a digital microcontroller. You’ll also build an influence amplifier to drive the output speaker for sound. And build the interface capacitive touch panel and skim the inputs and generate the tone correspondingly.

Search for the project around micro controller and micro processor (8085 chip set) .

Here i’m listing few projects in embedded systems for final year which may offer you a guide line :-

  • Biometric Attendance Systems.
  • Water Level Indicator .
  • Automatic Electric reading system .
  • Finger print based Toll systems .
  • Railway Track Security System .
  • Light Detector (this you’ll enhance for smart house project ).
  • Wireless Home Automation systems .
  • Automatic Robotic Arm .

These are few one which i found once I was in my B.Tech . Even you’ll pick another projects supported the important problem area which you’re facing in your daily routine .

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