Microcontroller based Project List for Engineering Students

based Project List for Students : An engineering must gain more practical knowledge and practice through a hands-on learning style such as mini and main projects. These are frequently incorporated in their curriculum. The 8051 is one of the most widely used microcontrollers today.

Based on 8051 microcontrollers, many imitative microcontrollers have been developed. As a result, 8051 projects are essential for everyone interested in product development. As a result, this article lists the top 8051 projects for students.

Because of the numerous outstanding characteristics of microcontrollers, any engineering enjoys working on -based projects. So, on this page, we will publish a collection of -based little projects.

These -based small projects are ideal for students in their second and third years.

Mini Projects Using Microcontrollers:

  • Connecting 16X2 LCD with PIC Microcontroller: This is a circuit for interfacing 16—2 LCD to the PIC18F4550 microcontroller series.
  • Digit Counter: By pressing the button, the fundamental idea of this circuit is to increase the values on the seven segment displays. This circuit is mostly used in scoreboards.
  • Interfacing 16X2 LCD to AVR Microcontroller: This is a circuit that allows you to connect a 16X2 LCD to an AVR Microcontroller. The AVR microcontroller family includes the Atmega16.
  • Microcontroller-Based 5 Channel IR Remote Control System: The purpose of this article is to construct and show a basic 5 channel remote control system for driving five loads.
  • Cell Phone Control of a Robotic Vehicle :The project’s goal is to create a robotic vehicle that can be operated by a cell phone. DTMF orders are conveyed from a phone to another mobile phone put on the robot. These orders are sent to the microcontrollers of the 8051 families, which control vehicle movement through the motor interface.
  • DTMF Based Home Automation System Circuit: The DTMF controlled home appliances system is a simple and extremely helpful circuit in our everyday lives. It aids in the control of household appliances through DTMF technology.
  • Interfacing a 162 LCD display with an 8051: This is a basic circuit design that explains how to connect a 16X2 LCD module to an AT89C51, an 8051 family microprocessor.
  • Intelligent Traffic Management System Based on IoT :As the population grows, so does the amount of work put into traffic. It is tough for the traffic management team in many metropolitan places to regulate it. As a result, IoT may assist in automating the traffic system and monitoring traffic condition over the internet. We may additionally develop these programmes to coordinate the ambulance based on traffic conditions. We utilised a Raspberry Pi and a camera to monitor traffic in real time and upload the results to the traffic officer’s panel.
  • A TV Remote Can Perform Mouse Functions for Cordless Operation: The project is intended to use a common TV remote as a computer’s wireless mouse. When the PC is utilised for presenting reasons (i.e., while utilising a projector) or in a remote (within a room) location, using a conventional-wired mouse becomes quite laborious.
  • Microcontroller-controlled DC motor with PWM speed control in all four quadrants :The fundamental idea behind this project is to create a four-quadrant speed control system for a DC motor using PWM.
  • Microcontroller-based PWM-based DC Motor Speed Control: Here is a basic AVR microcontroller-based DC motor speed control circuit. To regulate the speed of the DC motor, we utilise a technique known as PWM (pulse width modulation).
  • How to Connect a Real Time Clock to a PIC18F: Learn about RTC, PIC Microcontroller pin diagrams, and how to connect RTC to PIC18F. An RTC is a type of integrated circuit that maintains track of the current time.
  • Smart Waste Management System Based on IoT for Smart Cities :We have built cities with numerous amenities to make people’s lives easier, but waste management remains a major concern as the population grows. Every day, we notice the municipal trash management personnel monitoring all of the dustbins, even if they are empty. Let’s use IoT to help them be smarter; this project functions as a waste management guard at each trashcan.
  • Smart Street Lights Based on IoT :People must focus on energy usage and management in order to brighten the future of our children and grandchildren. We squander electricity; let us be wise and reduce our energy use. We used IoT to create autonomous street lights that operate smartly in this practice.
  • Wireless sensor-based health-care system with biometric security based on genetics
  • Patient health monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless communication protocol wireless sensor networks
  • Ceiling Fan Speed Control System (230V AC Motor): Ceiling fans include a manual regulator, which means the speed may be adjusted manually. In this project, a microcontroller-based automated speed management of a ceiling fan dependent on temperature is built. A temperature sensor is used to measure temperature. Additionally, an LCD is used to display the current temperature as well as the fan speed.
  • Temperature Controlled Fan (DC Motor Based with PWM): A microcontroller is used to regulate the speed of a DC motor (fan). A temperature sensor is employed, and the speed of the DC motor fluctuates with the temperature. The microcontroller creates a PWM signal based on the temperature.
  • Wireless communication through web servers is used in a home-based patient health monitoring system.
  • Wireless sensor networks are used to detect dangerous gases in cars.
  • Based on ZigBee technology Wireless communication is used to monitor a patient’s body temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.
  • Accelerometer-based patient health monitoring system
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