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projects of electrical projects Ideas

projects of electrical engineering :Engineers are always in search of projects, and finding meaningful projects makes that search worthwhile. Listed below are some EE Electrical project ideas for such engineers. tons of them may deal during a higher power than engineers are wont to , hence safety first.

These hand-picked Electrical based projects Ideas are simple also as interesting and contain few too. The Students can use these project kits as also. The list contains a complete of 31 Electric project topics. These projects are going to be very helpful to EE Students. Have a glance .

projects of electrical engineering: Dual Axis solar energy Tracker System

This system requires involvement of a good range of including mechanical electrical and electronics. The mechanical part would involve designing a smooth gear system to maneuver as per requirement. The electrical part would be the working of solar array and battery requirement.

The would involve designing the sensor system that might generate commands for the gear system to act accordingly. The system employs spur wheel for the implementation of the twin axis solar tracker. The system is implemented using Atmel IC AT89C51.

Electrical projects :-Photovoltaic solar energy Generation with Maximum point Tracking

This system considerably minimizes the amount of panels required to get the electrical power in order that it reduces the photovoltaic array system cost. because the sun isn’t constant in one place, and by fixing the solar battery at one fixed place, maximum power generation isn’t possible.

Therefore, this technique locates the maximum-power-generating point with the MPPT controller.

This system uses a quadratic equation-based algorithm that calculates the quadratic function like the utmost PowerPoint. Program-based software executes algorithm and correspondingly controls the DC converter to regulate the output voltage.

projects of electrical engineering : Zigbee Based Solar Powered fire Detection and system

The idea of implementing this project is to detect and stop the fire remotely by using Zigbee communication. the whole transmitter circuit is found within the forest with different sensors like smoke and fire detectors, which are powered with a solar array system.

The embedded circuitry within the transmitter circuit collects processes the info and sends the info to a foreign PC through the Zigbee module.

On the receiver side, a Zigbee-transceiver-based PC receives these signals and correspondingly alerts the hearth engines and also actuates the hearth protection equipment within the forest remotely.

Multi-Power Supply Using 4 Different Sources For No Break Power Supply

The project is meant to automatically supply continuous power to a load through one among the four sources of supply that are: solar, mains, generator, and inverter when anybody of them is unavailable.

Four switches are used for four respective sources. These are connected to a microcontroller of 8051 family that gives input signals thereto . Whenever a switch is pressed it shows the absence of that specific source.

A relay driver is employed that receives microcontroller generated output and switches that specific relay to supply continuous power supply. A lamp is employed as a load for demonstration purpose which pulls power from main.

When main fails to provide power, automatically next available source is employed say inverter. If inverter fails then subsequent one is employed then on. An LCD is additionally wont to display which source is being currently used for power supply.

Therefore, this project provides an efficient solution to supply an alternate power supply during frequent power cuts.

Electrical projects :- HVDC Power Supply Design

Circuits like Geiger counters, insect zappers, Nixie tubes and sensors require high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) supplies. There are various sorts of HVDC supplies available within the market, including voltage doubler or quadrupler, flyback converter and boost converter.

Some of these have low current-output capacity. But with right calculations using basic boost conversion formulae, we may achieve HVDC supplies capable of unpolluted and high current capacity. Presented here may be a boost converter design using an MC34063 DC-DC converter.

projects of electrical engineering :Automatic riding light

Federal and international regulations require boats to hold lights during sunset, sunrise and at conditions with restricted visibility. the amount and colours of sunshine vary with the dimensions of vessel.

A masthead riding light is out of fashion because it is just too high above the water level. This makes it difficult to guage the position of the boat, especially during a pitch-dark anchorage.

This project may be a compact yet inexpensive automatic riding light integrated with an ambient light sensor that turns it on and off automatically.

PIN Diode Based Fire Sensor

This is an ultra-sensitive fire sensor that activates an alarm when it detects fire. during this circuit, a sensitive PIN diode is employed as a fireplace sensor for longer-range fire detection. It detects light and infrared (IR) within the range of 430 nm – 1100 nm.

Visible light and IR from the hearth activate the sensor to trigger the alarm. It also detects sparks within the mains wiring and if these persist, it gives a warning alarm.

The anode can easily be identified from the top-view flat surface of the photodiode. alittle solder point to which a skinny wire is connected is that the anode and therefore the other one is that the cathode terminal. Electrical

Remote Industrial Plant Operation Using SCADA:

SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition systems are used in industry to automate processes. Sensors are used to monitor system characteristics such as temperature and humidity. The data is transmitted through serial connection between the microcontroller and the computer, which is utilised for monitoring and giving automated or manual control over the parameter’s limit.

Phantom Power Supply 5V DC to 48V DC Converter

This circuit is a basic and low-cost DC-to-DC converter for phantom power supply found in mixing consoles, microphone preamplifiers, telephone systems, and other similar devices.This project may be found at 5V DC To 48V DC Converter For Phantom Power Supplies.

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