How To Learn Homemade Powerbank using Li-ion Battery

 Homemade Powerbank using Li-ion 3.7v Battery

Homemade Powerbank

It is essentially A battery bank box that’s initially completely energized by the client reception and afterwards conveyed outside while voyaging. At the purpose when the client discovers his cellphone or telephone battery arriving at low, he associates the facility bank to his cellphone for a speedy charging from the cellphone.

Powerbank may be a good solution for portable mobile or other gadgets charging without an AC adaptor once we out of the house .

Powerbank may be a portable DC power source to supply a backup for your gadgets. the facility is stored during a power ban by charging and it are often used once you need, In any power bank,

A battery or combination of some small special batteries (cells) wont to produce the facility source to supply for mobile or other gadgets battery charging.

The USB port is employed to input for charging and also for output. it’s a circuit to regulate the facility flow to supply a regulated supply.

In this project, we’ll find the way to make an influence bank with an easy power bank circuit outline.

Technology Required

Powerbank circuit Diagram
  • LM7805 transformer 
  • 9v Battery
  • 370 Ω resistance
  • Connector
  • Tic-tac empty box
  • OTG Data Cable
  • 18650 Li-ion cells
  • TP-4056
  • Step up module
  • Wires
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder wire

In this circuit, there’s a complete of 4 batteries are used. Two batteries connected one another with a series connection to extend voltage.

Two other batteries also are connected serial to extend voltage. As we all know that within the series connection of battery only electric potential (voltage) increased but the present is that the same.

So For increasing of current both (which are connected in series) batteries are now connected with parallel connection. 

First combination of two series battery make 3.7 + 3.7 = 7.4v (current is adequate to one battery)

The second combination of two series battery also make 3.7+3.7 = 7.4v ( current is adequate to one battery)

Now Both output of seven .4v connected with the parallel that produces 7.4v But the present is adequate to increased by adding both 2 output.

it means now the output is 7.7v and therefore the current capacity is Double (if each battery is of 4000 mah then overall output power is 4000 +4000 = 8000mah).

Because within the parallel combination of battery voltage is that the same but current is adequate to adding of both battery.

To Assemble the essential battery structure

1) Before building the battery pack watch that voltage of both the battery it should be an equivalent .

2) Use some craft glue to stay the 2 batteries together, you’ll even utilize tape or a warmth contracting tube.

3) Solder anode with anode and cathode with the cathode of the batteries.

4) Connect the cathode of battery to -ve terminal of TP-4056 and therefore the progression up the module.

5) Then associate the Anode of each one among the three as appeared within the third picture.

6) Then modify the yield of venture up the module to 5V utilizing the potentiometer

7) And toward the top , interface yield of module to the USB port

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