Why mechanical branch of engineering is also called the king of engineering?

mechanical engineering
Why mechanical  branch of engineering is also called the king of engineering?

Which branch is called king of engineering?


Mechanical branch of  is additionally called the king of

It is quite general that students argue one another that their branch is king of all. Question arise Mechanical branch of  is additionally called the king of

In my opinion No branch are often king or queen . Every streams are hooked in to one another . it’s going to happen that some branch is booming for a few days but it’s interrelated to every other.

Mechanical branch of

After the economic Revolution Machines are quite useful so for that point ME,EE branches might be king but now a days everything goes to be automated so it seems CS will dominate for subsequent coming years.

It is my observation that a standard man spends 8 to 10 hrs with the web and related device so obviously it’s the necessity of times .

Results are ahead of our eyes 8 out of top 10 billionaires do computer related businesses then finally i would like to conclude by saying at the present computing is that the king of all branch

Mechanical is one among the oldest and evergreen branch of engineering.

It provides good  within the future in both government and public sector.

All the branches are good in it totally depends on your interest and keenness and you’ve got required skills that branch.

You should choose the specialization counting on your area of experience and what kind of a career you would like to pursue.

There is always tons of job opprountities for a right candidate.

CSE is that the most demading branch among students and provides excellent  in terms of placement and salary followed by ECE, Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical

Try to urge admission in top colleges to get good knowledge and excellent placements.

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