Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for Engineering Students

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Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Project Ideas

Only learning theory isn’t enough. That’s why everyone encourages students to undertake  projects and complete them. From following the synthetic intelligence trends to getting their hands dirty on projects. So, if you’re a beginner, the simplest thing you’ll do is figure on some real-time  project ideas.

1. Cartoonify Image with Machine Learning

Project Idea: Transform images into its cartoon. Yes, the target of this machine learning project is to CARTOONIFY the pictures .

Thus, you’ll build a python application which will transform a picture into its cartoon using machine learning libraries.

2.Predicting bird species: Project

Birds are ecological indicators, and that they respond quickly to environmental changes. Hence, it’s important to classify birds to know the issues in ecology.

Domain experts can classify birds manually, but manual classification has become a tedious and time-consuming process thanks to the tremendous increase in amounts of knowledge .

Here comes the importance of -based classification. This classification-based AI project are often approached in two ways. If you’re a beginner, you’ll use a random forest to predict bird species. If you’re trying to find an intermediate level, you’ll use a convolution neural network

AI Project Ideas. during this project, you’ll need to predict the asking price of a replacement range in Boston. The dataset of this project contains the costs of homes in several areas of the town . you’ll get the datasets for this project at the UCI Machine Learning Repository.


Apart from the costs of varied homes, you’ll get additional datasets containing the age of the residents, the rate within the city, and locations of non-retail businesses. For beginners, it’s an excellent project to check your knowledge. 

3. Enron Investigation: Project

Enron was one among the most important energy companies at a time within the US, but it collapsed in 2000 due to a big allegation of fraud. it had been a huge scandal in American history.

The database we’re talking about is its email database, which has around 500,000 emails between its former employees and executives. All the emails within the database are real, so this project gets more interesting.

You can use this database for social network analysis (building graph models to seek out influencers) or anomaly detection (find abnormal behavior by mapping the distribution of sent emails). this is often one among the favored AI projects. 

This project is sort of popular among data scientists, so don’t hesitate to ask an issue within the community.

4. Loan Prediction using Machine Learning

Project idea – the thought behind this ML project is to create a model which will classify what proportion loan the user can take.

It is supported the user’s legal status , education, number of dependents, and employments. you’ll build a linear model for this project.

5.Food attribute classification employing a multi-scale convolution network

This AI-based project classifies the various array of food supported cuisine and its flavors. Here, we create a deep learning model supported a multi-scale convolutional network. The food attribute dataset – Yummly48k – is taken from the web site Yummly. additionally to the multi-scale convolutional network, it also uses Negative Log-Likelihood (NLL) for the model creation.

6. Uber Data Analysis Projectuber data analysis ML project

Project idea – The project are often wont to perform data visualization on the uber data. The dataset contains 4.5 many uber pickups within the ny city.

This much data must be represented beautifully so as to research the rides in order that further improvements within the business are often made.

7. Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection: Project

This is one among the trending AI project ideas. This project seeks to expand on a pioneering modern application of Deep Learning – facial emotion recognition. Although facial emotion recognition has long been the topic of research and study, it’s only now that we are witnessing tangible results of that analysis. 

project ideas

The Deep Learning facial emotion detection and recognition system are designed to spot and interpret human facial expressions. It can detect the core human emotions in real-time, including happy, sad, angry, afraid, surprise, disgust, and neutral. First, the automated countenance recognition system will detect the countenance s from a cluttered scene to perform facial feature extraction and facial expression classification.

Then, it’ll enforce a Convolution Neural Network (CNN) for training a dataset (FER2013). This dataset contains seven countenance – happy, sad, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, and neutral. The unique aspect of this facial emotion detection and recognition system is that it can monitor human emotions, discriminate between good and bad emotions, and label them appropriately. It also can use the tagged emotion information to spot the thinking patterns and behavior of an individual .

8. Identifying Product Bundles from Sales Data: Project

product bundles

The project entitled ‘Identifying Product Bundles from Sales Data’ is one among the interesting machine learning projects in R. To develop this project in R, you’ve got to use a clustering technique that’s the subjective segmentation to seek out out the merchandise bundles from sales data.

Highlights of the Project

To develop this project, you want to need to realize data science. Here, we outlined data science courses.
The language used: R
Also, you want to realize machine learning approaches like an unsupervised method for clustering.
To identify bundles, Market Basket Analysis need to use.

9.Gaming Agent AI

Methods within the domain of AI (AI) are applied to develop agents capable of playing a spread of games. Snake game may be a video game , whose goal is to regulate a snake to maneuver and collect foods within the map.

The single-player variant of Snake may be a well-known and popular computer game that needs a player to navigate a line-based representation of a snake through a two-dimensional playing field , while avoiding collisions with the walls of the playing field and therefore the body of the snake itself.

A score and therefore the snake length are increased whenever the snake is moved through items representing food. the sport thus becomes tougher because the score increases. the appliance of AI techniques to playing the sport of Snake has not been alright explored. 

during this project we work on techniques which are empirically compared against three Snake playing agents in terms of several performance measures(GREEDY, Hamilton, and DQN).

10. Wine Quality Predictions

Shopping for new and unfamiliar wines are often successful or miss affair. There’s no surefire thanks to know whether a wine is of top quality unless you’re an expert who takes under consideration various factors like age and price.

The Wine Quality Data Set are often a fun machine learning project that contains such details to assist predict quality. Through this project, ML beginners get experience with data visualization, data exploration, regression models, and R programming.

11. carcinoma Prediction

This machine learning project uses a data set which will help determine the likelihood that a breast tumor is malignant or benign. Various factors are taken into consideration, including the lump’s thickness, number of bare nuclei, and mitosis. this is often also a superb way for brand spanking new machine learning professionals to practice R programming.

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