C#.Net-based Windows application for medical stores management

This Medical Stores Management Windows Application allows you to store medicine information for a medical store. It saves time by allowing users to easily access medicine by searching the database.

The user creates a Medicine Database by storing medication data. Admin has the ability to remove user databases, medication databases, and look at user login information such as username, password, and time of login. Users may sign up using their email address, mobile phone number, and password. The programme may be used in many large medical stores to handle medications, saving time and resources.
C# (As Programming Language),.NET Framework, and Metro Framework are the different front-end technologies utilised in the Medical Store Management project. MongoDB is utilised as the database backend.

Medical Store Management System

A medicinal stock inventory system used in a medical shop is the Medical store system software. This programme keeps information on drug purchases and sales. We can keep track of purchase stock by firm and sell stock by client. This programme automatically generates bills for every sale and generates reports for stock, sales, and customer information.

We will study how to construct medical management system software in C#.net with SQL server database in this asp.net article.
Medical Store Management System is the name of the project.
Medical Software management system utilised to keep and monitor pharmaceutical stock inventory detail, as well as store customer and bill data for medical store.
Desktop / Windows Visual Studio 2010 with C# is the application technology. SQL-Server 2008 Database is the language database.

Current Manual medical stores management System Operation

The medical store’s personnel is involved in the following process:

  1. Keeping Medical Bills
  2. On-paper Stock Analysis 
  3. On-paper Stock Analysis 

Disadvantages of Current medical store management Systems

In a huge Medical Store, a quick medicine search is not possible.
There can be no central database to hold the findings of all medical information.

medical store management Systems Modules

  • Include Pharmacy products.
  • Add a company, a department, and a list of vendors.
  • Inventory Control
  • Reports on Stocks
  • Notification of User Rights Invoices by SMS and Email User Management
  • Other characteristics include:
  • Full Power User Rights Management System
  • The SMS feature is now available.
  • Email Feature Logs keep facility
  • Option for Database Backup
  • Option for Database Recovery
  • Password Recovery Password Change

The User’s Role

  1. Providing accurate information while registering
  2. 2. Managing the medical store by inserting, deleting, updating, and finding pharmaceutical details
  3. Stock Evaluation

The Administrator’s Role

  1. If necessary, delete users or the drug database.
  2. 2. Monitor user login reports and stock analysis.


We successfully integrated Medical Store Management. We utilized C# as a programming language on.NET Framework 4.6, as well as Metro Framework and MongoDB as database backend technologies.

The method saves medical shop owners valuable time while also lowering the workload of medical store workers.

It is a new way of storing and retrieving medication information that is widely recognised and rapidly expanding in the environment of managing medicines through software in all sectors of medical shops.

Medical Store Management Application will significantly replace traditional paper and pen-based information storage in the future.

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