Mini projects of Electronics engineering projects Ideas

mini projects of Electronics projects Ideas(EEE)

What is Electronics Engineering? 

Electronics  is the space that deals with design and development of electricity powered applications. An electronics engineer makes use of microcontrollers, electronics components with printed circuit sheets to develop electronics systems and devices. 


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Projects on electronics

The accompanying electronics projects are very useful for ECE and EEE students. 

Casting a ballot Machine in Cellular utilizing Microcontroller 

At present in elections, EVM or democratic machine is used. Here the proposed system is introduced namely cellular-based democratic machine utilizing microcontroller.

This system includes two units like a democratic unit and a master unit. The arrangement of a democratic unit should be possible anywhere however the master unit can be placed inside a control system. 

The democratic unit includes a DTMF for generating a tone. This tone can be transmitted toward the master unit utilizing the FM transmitter. The master unit includes a DTMF decoder, FM receiver, Display Unit and Microcontroller. This tone can be received through the receiver and decodes by a then shows on LCD. 

Detection of Over Speed Automatically 

In India, step by step increasing the number of street accidents due to over speed. To overcome this problem, a device is invented namely a speed detector.

The fundamental feature of this device is, it operates from the distance of 100m so that over speed the vehicle is basically identified.

As compared with the typical speed detector, this detector doesn’t chip away at the Doppler Effect; however, it chips away at extremely consistent laser beams. Another benefit of utilizing this device is, it tends to be used on any sort of street and transferable easily. 

RFID Based Door Access Control 

The conception of entrance control is achieved by the mean of a card, a parallel card reader, and a control board that is amalgamated with the server.

This is a closeness card with a unique ID number incorporated in it. The card reader interprets the information and sends it to the control board, which is a microcontroller.

This tests the legality of the information with the incorporated server, which abides the database. The attached server is uploaded with the details of the worker for that unique ID number. 

The control board affirms whether the person is permitted to enter the precise entryway or not. Assuming the worker is genuine, the person is permitted to enter the entryway. 

The workers can be allowed in a specific entryway according to the designation. The entry control is used at this end. RFID technology employs frequencies inside the range of 50 kHz to 2.5 GHz. A RFID mechanism ordinarily comprises the accompanying constituents: 

A RFID device that encloses information 

An antenna employed to communicate the RF signals in the midst of the reader and the RFID machine 

A RF transceiver that produces the RF signs 

A reader that collects RF communicates from a RFID machine and passes the information to the host system for further activity.

Automated Vehicle Identification and Toll-Pass System 

This project enables an automated vehicle identification and cost collection at a tollgate. The identification is possible utilizing a RFID chip that provides a unique ID for each vehicle and additionally a GSM module for giving the information about the assessment deduction to the vehicle owner. It is a very efficient system for saving fuel, time, etc. 

Health Monitoring Wearable Glove IoT BASED 

In this project, we propose a wearable glove that provides the user information about the wearer’s health. It incorporates multiple sensors for measuring physiological sign i.e. heart rate, internal heat level, Blood pressure, Respiration rate, Electrocardiogram ECG, etc. it is a revolutionizing project in health checking. 

PC Based Wireless Appliance Control 

The corresponding port of the personal computer is a controlling platform for executing projects executing with the control of real-world peripherals.

It very well may be utilized to control domestic and other electric appliances. The computer program in the course of the interface circuit manages the relays, which, in return, turn the appliances ON or OFF.

Here we explain how to control wireless electric appliances from a far off position by utilizing the RF (radio frequency) module. 

For this personal computer (PC) based wireless appliance controlling system, you require to intend and develop the necessary hardware and software.

The corresponding port of the PC is employed controlling the appliances at the broadcaster side. The RF edge is employed as a substitute for the IR to conquer every one of the disadvantages of the IR interface. The PC markers are broadcasted from the RF transmitter and acknowledged by the RF recipient. 

Driver Anti Sleep Device 

The idea behind this project is to make a wearable device that notifies and wake the driver when he is going to sleep by a gentle electric shock or buzzer and vibration. The idea is to measure the conductance of the skin and heartbeat rate. The heartbeat rate decreases and likewise the conductance of the skin decreases due to low blood flow when the driver fatigue level increases. 

Long Range Spy Robot Circuit 

The point of this project is to control a robot wirelessly from a long-range and to communicate the video signal utilizing the camera placed on the robot.

It uses a RF encoder and sending antenna on the transmitter side. The receiver end uses a RF receiving antenna and a decoder that feeds the order to a microcontroller.

The microcontroller controls the DC engine of the robot based on those orders through an engine driver IC. The video is transferred utilizing a camera wirelessly to the receiver that can be connected with a screen.

Here are Some electronics projects for final year students


  • 1. Wireless Communication (Career Building Course) 
  • 2. Animatronic Hand 
  • 3. Embedded Systems (Career Building Course) 
  • 4. Home Automation utilizing IoT 
  • 5. Robotic Arm 
  • 6. Sensor Guided Robotics 
  • 7. Shrewd Energy Meter utilizing GSM 
  • 8. Sun oriented and Smart Energy Systems 
  • 9. Programmed Solar Tracker 
  • 10. GPS and GSM based Tracker 
  • 11. 5 Arduino Projects 
  • 12. Biometric Authentication 
  • 13. Access Control with RFID 
  • 14. Automated Railway Crossing 
  • 15. 4 Smart Energy Projects 
  • 16. PCB Manufacturing 
  • 17. Health Monitoring Wearable 
  • 18. Persistence of Vision 
  • 19. Advanced Signal Processing utilizing Python 
  • 20. Circuit Design with Proteus 
  • 21. PCB Design and Simulation with KiCAD 
  • 22. Shrewd Traffic Lighting System 
  • 23. Computerization utilizing PLC
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