Mechanical Engineering Project for final year students

Mechanical Engineering Project

Engineering Projects List

Mechanical Engineering Major Projects List

Techgeek features a large sort of engineering project for final year. Our list consists of innovative topics and concepts for major project. So if you’re confused on find your suitable major project for final year visit our list and find your solution.

These topics are listed by our research on various designs and ideas . Our list consists of the best and most innovative major projects for engineering final year.

An absorber design employing a natural hyperbolic material for harvesting solar power 

Researchers led by Professor Ping Cheng, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, together with Professor Zhuomin M. Zhang, from Georgia Institute of Technology, developed an ideal light absorption structure that utilizes an array of pyramidal nanostructures made from bismuth telluride (a natural hyperbolic material) over a skinny substrate to soak up incident radiation .

Major Projects for Engineering Projects

The study successfully presented an ideal absorber design that manipulates a periodic array of pyramidal nanostructures that are made from a natural hyperbolic material bismuth telluride on a metallic substrate.

The results from the procedure undertaken during this study have shown that the proposed structure are able to do absorptance values of just about 100% within the wavelength range of 300–2400 nm, upon which most of the radiation spectrum fall under .

Altogether, the proposed metamaterial has great potential application and may cause the effective harvesting of solar power during photothermal conversion processes in water or aqueous solutions.

engineer projects

1.Solar operated sprayer for farming

Using solar panels and Li-Ion battery you’ll build a demo model of the sprayer. thanks to the supply of battery, it’ll add clouded weather.

2.Project Name: Design and Fabrication of solar-powered grass cutter

Grasscutter is extremely common in farming. But a grass cutter which is powered by solar panels is innovative and environmentally friendly. during this project, solar panels will charge your battery during day time.

3.Multi-scale Sensors and Systems:Major Projects for Engineering

Researchers add a lab
The Multi-scale Sensors and Systems research group focuses on the planning , fabrication, integration, and testing of physically and functionally compatible devices and components on multiple scales.

With decades of multi-scale research and expertise, the group is poised to dramatically change the face of technology across the complete range of engineering and science applications.

4.Simulating Fluid Flow and warmth Transfer Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics

Dissipative particle dynamics may be a relatively new technique for simulating fluid flow at meso scales that’s more computationally efficient but at an equivalent time ready to reproduce a number of the detail of molecular dynamics simulations

Analysis of a Production Cell using Production Simulation Tools
The aim of the study has been to use two different simulation tools to analyse an existing production cell with specialise in industrial management . The possible use and therefore the usability of the simulation tools also are studied

5.Motorized Scotch Yoke Mechanism Piston : engineering projects

This Scotch yoke mechanism may be a sort of a reciprocating motion. This mechanism is employed to drive the piston. The widest usage of this mechanism is in pumping systems for oil, gas and other liquids. We use a motor to drive the circular disc.

The disc features a small yoke so as to attach with the reciprocating arm. The arm features a slotted area just wide enough to regulate the yoke. the opposite end of the arm is fitted during a piston cylinder. the entire setup is fabricated to urge the specified motion a minimum of friction.

6.Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification and Development in Mozambique

Rural areas still be home to the bulk of the population in Africa. The importance of providing modern energy to rural areas cannot, therefore, be overemphasized. No wonder that at presently the main energy resource

7.Design of 120cc Single Cylinder Experimental Engine for Analysis of Intake Swirl and Multiple Ignition Sites

The intent of this study is to style , build, and test a plate with variable swirl and ignition sites. the planning aspect used Solid Works Floworks to model airflow within the top and cylinder. Swirl rate and volumetric flow were calculated from the results.

8. 3D Fuel Tank Models for System Simulation : engineering projects

The purpose of this master thesis is to optimize the present fuel tank simulations procedure for subsequent generation of JAS 39 Gripen ghters developed by SAAB AB. the present simulation process involves three different steps performed

Mechanical Engineering Project Final year

Get engineering projects ideas and topics for study and research. My Engineering Projects provides the widest list of engineering projects topics to assist students, engineers, and researchers in their development and research. Also, we’ve an excellent sort of pre-made engineering projects.

List of Major Mechanical Engineering projects for final year

  • Solar Grain Separator
  • Automatic Tire inflator
  • Rice Transplanter
  • Compressed Air Engine
  • Land Slide Detection
  • Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Gear Shifting
  • Maxwell Bridge
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  • Aqua Silencer
  • VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) Compression Between 3 sorts of Blades)
  • Fatigue Testing Machine Horizontal Type
  • SkySaver Emergency Rescue kit
  • Artificial Oxygen Tree
  • Automatic Medicine slot machine 
  • Magnetic Coupling For Contactless Power transmission 
  • VTOL Aircraft
  • Agricultural Survey Aircraft
  • Bladeless Vortex Turbine Power Generation
  • Test Rig For VCR (Vapour Compression Refrigeration )System With device For Improving Efficiency

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