Mechatronics project topics for Engineering students

Mechatronics project topics
Mechatronics project topics for students

Mechatronics project topics : Mechatronics  may be a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that has a mixture of engineering , electronics, telecommunications engineering, computer engineering, systems engineering and control engineering. As technology is progressing, the subbranches of engineering multiply and adapt. the target of mechatronics may be a design process that unifies these subbranches.

projects ideas for students

Actually, mechatronics just included the mixture of mechanics and electronics. therefore the word may be a combination of mechanics and electronics; however, as technical systems became more and more complex the definition has been broadened to incorporate more technical areas.

Many people treat “mechatronics” as a contemporary buzzword synonymous with robotics and “electromechanical engineering”.

Course Structure

Mechatronics students take courses in various fields:

engineering and materials science and engineering; engineering; Electrical engineering; Telecommunications; Computer engineering (software & hardware engineering); Computer science; Systems engineering; Control engineering; Optical engineering.


mechatronics project topics for students

Machine vision; Servo-mechanics; Automation and robotics; Sensing and control systems; automotive technology , automotive equipment within the design of subsystems like anti-lock braking systems; Computer-machine controls, like computer driven machines like CNC milling machines, CNC waterjets, and CNC plasma cutters; Expert systems; Industrial goods; Consumer products; Mechatronics systems; Medical mechatronics, medical imaging systems; Structural dynamic systems;

Transportation and vehicular systems; Mechatronics because the new language of the automobile; Computer aided and integrated manufacturing systems; Computer-aided design; Engineering and manufacturing systems; Packaging; Microcontrollers / PLCs.

Some related branches of mechatronics

Biomechatronics is an emerging branch of the mechatronics. the aim of biomechatronics is to integrate parts with a person’s being.This is usually wiped out the shape of removable gadgets like an exoskeleton. Biomechatronics is that the “real-life” version of cyberware.

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Furthermore there’s an another sort of the branch is Motion control for Advanced Mechatronics, which presently is recognized as a key technology in mechatronics. The strength of motion control are going to be represented as a function of stiffness and a basis for practical realization.

The control stiffness which might be variable consistent with the task reference sets the parameters of the motion sensing. The strength of the motion sensor is defined by the stiffness of the motion controller.

Avionics is additionally sort of mechatronics because it combines several fields like  and telecommunication with Aerospace Engineering.

The Internet of things (IoT) is that the inter-networking of physical devices, embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to gather and exchange data. IoT and mechatronics are complementary.


Pneumatic Powered Metal Pick and Place Arm

Mechatronics project topics for students

The aim of the project is to style and fabricate pneumatic arm for pick and place of cylindrical objects. The handling of materials and mechanisms to select and place of objects from lower plane to higher plane and are widely found in factories and industry manufacturing.

Electromagnetic Braking System

Mechatronics project topics for students

Electromagnetic braking is applying brakes using electronic and magnetic power. This uses the principle of electromagnetism to realize friction less braking. This increases the lifetime and reliability of brakes as there’s no friction results in less wearing out of brakes. Also it requires less maintenance and oiling. this is often an upcoming technological replacement for traditional braking systems.

Design & Fabrication of Attachable Wheelchair Automator :Mechatronics project topics

Mechatronics project topics for students

The wheelchairs are generally driven by manual efforts. The disabled drive wheelchairs by their hands while another person is required to push wheelchair of disabled . an easy attachable extension attaches to a wheelchair and may transform wheelchairs into E wheelchairs that require no manual efforts.mechatronics

Agricultural Robot

Mechatronics project topics for students

An agricultural robot may be a robot used for agricultural purposes. the most area of mechatronics application of robots in agriculture today is at the harvesting time. New applications of robots or drones in agriculture include planting seeds, harvesting, weed control, cloud seeding, environmental monitoring and soil analysis etc.

Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm : Mechatronics project topics

Mechatronics project topics for students

This system allows controlling a by hand movements. this technique uses RF receiver having interface with the 8051 microcontroller which controls the driving force IC which is further liable for control of the arm movement.

Automated Coconut Scraping Machine

Mechatronics project topics for students

Coconut is widely utilized in food Industry within industrial food plants also as at homes. Scraping coconuts may be a very time consuming task. Manually doing so requires tons of efforts and isn’t so economical. So here we propose an automatic coconut scraping machine mechatronics project.

Automatic vacuum Robot Mechatronics project topics

A vaccum cleaner robotic system that permits for automatic cleaning of a specific area or room by covering the world using border analysis. The robot follows a zigzag path to hide entire room floor space. The system uses ultrasonic sensors for boundary sensing and operates accordingly so as to hide entire room.

Mini Windmill Power Generation Project

Mechatronics project topics for students

Renewable energy is on an increasing demand within the recent thanks to over stress on non-renewable resources and their increasing cost. Thus producing electricity with the utilization of natural resource like Wind energy

Six Legged Spider Bot using Klann Mechanism

Wheel robots are unable to travel through rough terrain. For this purpose we will use a legged robot. It can step over curbs , climb stairs or traveling places which wheels cannot do. The advantage of this mechanism is that, it doesn’t demand batch or microprocessor control of actuator mechanics.

Following is that the list of Mechatronics Project Topics:

  • IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine
  • Wireless Humanoid Bionic Arm on Robotic Vehicle
  • RF Controlled Beach Cleaner Robotic Vehicle
  • Pneumatic Powered Wall Climbing Robot
  • Remote Controlled Mini Forklift
  • Rough Terrain Vehicle Using Rocker Bogie Mechanism
  • Motorized Chain Mechanism Hacksaw
  • Plant Irrigation Water Sprinkler Robot
  • Coin Based Cola & Soda slot machine
  • Design & Fabrication of Automated Punching Machine
  • Design & Fabrication of Motorized Scissor Jack
  • Rough Terrain Beetle Robot
  • Steering Mechanism Vehicle With Joystick Control
  • Automatic Seed Sowing Robot
  • 2 Wheel Drive Forklift For Industry Warehouses
  • Smart Solar Grass Cutter With Lawn Coverage
  • Bedini Wheel Using Electromagnetic Flux Generation
  • High Performance Hovercraft With Power Turning
  • Automated 5Dof Mechanism
  • Automated Double Hacksaw Project
  • Pedal Powered Water Purifier Project
  • Automatic Blackboard / Whiteboard Cleaner System
  • Automated Drain/Gutter Cleaner Project
  • Automatic MotorBike Stand Slider
  • Contactless Eddy Braking System
  • E Skateboard With Motion Sensing
  • Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter Robot
  • Remote Controlled Pick & Place Robotic Vehicle
  • MC Based Line Follower Robot
  • Mini conveyer belt Mechanism
  • Dual Motor Electric Go-Kart For Rough Terrain
  • Fire Fighter Robot Project
  • 2 Wheel Drive Forklift For Industry Warehouses
  • Motorized 2 Wheel Scooter Project
  • RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle With Metal Detection Project
  • Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle
  • Gearless Transmission Using Elbow Mechanism
  • Pulley Based Movable Crane Robot
  • Push Based Box Transport Mechanism
  • Sand Filter & Separator Project
  • Fire Fighter Robot With night-sight Camera
  • Long Range Spy Robot With night-sight
  • Spy Robot With Obstacle Detection
  • Long Range Spy Robot With Metal Detection
  • Remote Controlled Automobile Using Rf
  • Remote Controlled Using Rf
  • Android Controlled
  • Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • Rf Controlled Spy Robot With night-sight Camera
  • Hovercraft Controlled By Android
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